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No, there isn't a baby in the limited edition Death Stranding controller

Addressing the elephant in the womb.

Like many of the blockbuster PlayStation exclusives that have come before it, Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding is getting its very own limited edition PS4 Pro bundle.

Complete with a translucent yellow controller and a matte white PlayStation with some handprints slapped on the top, the bundle releases the same day as the game on the 8th November.

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Alright, so the handprints aren't just slapped on, they actually have little maps within them in the shape of the world's continents, and there's some lovely golden text with the game's title on the front.

While the ominous yellow colour might remind fans of another feature we saw in a recent trailer, the controller is coloured to match the BB Pod from the game. Death Stranding allows you to rock your controller "to emulate holding the BB pod in your own hands" - perhaps they're hoping the colour scheme will help with the immersion. Unfortunately, there isn't actually a BB on it (or in it) however, that was just a gimmick in the trailer.

Maybe you could just draw a BB on the side, or something.


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