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Rare auctioning official Sea of Thieves-branded Xbox One S for charity Special Effect

Skull and Xbones.

UK developer Rare is auctioning a load of cool stuff for charity Special Effect, including an official Sea of Thieves-branded Xbox One S.

The Xbox One S currently up on eBay is one of only three in the world, and was designed by the Sea of Thieves development team. At the time of publication, the latest top bid is £726, with two days left to run.

There's a lot of cool Rare memorabilia up on eBay right now, including a Conker's Bad Fur Day original promo poster, a Viva Piñata promotional poster and a Killer Cuts vinyl soundtrack signed by Robin Beanland.

Last Friday, developers at Rare streamed co-op games for Special Effect and raised over £1000. You can still donate on

All proceeds go to SpecialEffect, a charity bringing gaming to people with disabilities.

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