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R-Type Tactics gets release date

Classic shooter reinvented for PSP.

Rising Star Games has announced a release date for R-Type Tactics, the new PSP instalment in the classic side-scrolling shooter series.

R-Type first appeared in Japanese arcades back in 1987. It's gone through various iterations since then, but has always been about blowing up aliens.

In R-Type Tactics you play a commander leading a small armada on a mission to defeat the Bydo, a mysterious alien race intent on destroying humanity. There are many copies. And they have a plan.

You get fighters, warships, carriers, EWACS, supply vessels and bombers to play with, and you can customise aircraft to improve their effectiveness. Enemy units can be captured and integrated into your own fleet. There are hidden maps and secret stages, plus a Gallery Mode and a 3D model data vault.

R-Type Tactics is out in Europe on September 26th. So say we all.