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R-Type Tactics gets release date

R-Type Tactics gets release date

Classic shooter reinvented for PSP.

Rising Star Games has announced a release date for R-Type Tactics, the new PSP instalment in the classic side-scrolling shooter series.

R-Type first appeared in Japanese arcades back in 1987. It's gone through various iterations since then, but has always been about blowing up aliens.

In R-Type Tactics you play a commander leading a small armada on a mission to defeat the Bydo, a mysterious alien race intent on destroying humanity. There are many copies. And they have a plan.

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Rogue Galaxy takes shape

More details on Level 5's RPG.

With Famitsu haemorrhaging so much information this month, it's little surprise to see more juicy titbits unveiled; this time the subject is PlayStation 2 role-playing game, Rogue Galaxy.