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Quite a selection for PAL PSN Thursday

But sadly no Commando 3 or Novastrike.

Sony has lined up an admirable selection of items for its European PlayStation Store update this Thursday.

Unfortunately none of it looks like the US-offered treats Commando 3 and Novastrike, so you will change regions if you fancy those at USD 10 a pop.

You can get a Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit or Battlefield: Bad Company demo, though, with the former being the first time the series has hit fresh console hardware.

Or you can bolster your Guitar Hero III songs with a Motorhead pack, or make your menus look pretty with a God of War theme. Both are free.

PS3 and PSP crowds can also get their mitts on PSone classic Rainbow Six for GBP 3.49. Not to be confused with a rainbow kiss.

Or, if you fancy it, you can snatch Killzone: Liberation (PSP) for a meaty GBP 14.99.

If that all sounds like hard work, then you can sit back and watch the fresh Resident Evil 5 trailer you've probably seen on EGTV, or a Top Spin 3 debut clip.