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Publishing boss leaves Double Fine just months after Microsoft acquisition

"I'm so proud of all the amazing things we've accomplished and really really sad to leave."

Double Fine's business development VP, Greg Rice, has left the company just months after the studio was acquired by Microsoft.

As spotted by our friends at VGC, Rice confirmed the departure on his personal Twitter account on Friday. He'd been at the studio for almost ten years across a range of positions, but most recently led the company's publishing business, Double Fine Presents.

Concerns about Double Fine's publishing arm surfaced shortly after Microsoft's acquisition back in June, with boss Tim Schafer saying at the time: "How Double Fine Presents will evolve is kind of an unknown," and that "from a business sense, I don't know if it structurally makes sense to have a publisher within [another publisher]. It's a complicated issue".

"Here's something I never thought I'd say, yesterday was my last day at Double Fine," Rice wrote on Twitter. "It's been a dream come true working with the world's greatest human [Tim Schafer] and the crew of incredibly talented, caring, wonderful people he's assembled at Double Fine for the last decade.

"I'm so proud of all the amazing things we've accomplished and really really sad to leave, but am comforted to be leaving them in a great spot with Psychonauts 2 looking amazing and the Microsoft sale ensuring many many more of the insanely creative games you've come to expect."

While Rice has yet to confirm precisely where he's moving on to, he added that it was "time [he] set off on some new adventures" and confirmed he's "got something really cool lined up, still in games, and am excited about the future".

"But for now, I'm going to enjoy these final moments with some of my best friends of all time and try not to dissolve into a puddle," he concluded.

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