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PUBG drops mysterious video on who is actually behind Battlegrounds

No, it's not Brendan Greene.

It's no longer enough for battle royales to simply be battle royales. Now, they need lore. Following in the footsteps of others in the genre, PUBG is diving deep into its fictional origins, with a look at its fictional masters - the ones organising its desert island deathmatches.

It's all a bit Hunger Games - a team of Battlegrounds organisers sits at their computers, one of whom is actually in a bunker deep below the island of Sanhok, chatting away until something goes wrong.

Four players suddenly disappear off the grid, causing the ominous PlayerUnknown himself to pop up off-screen and let his displeasure be known.

The video is well worth a watch if you enjoy PUBG, or video games building themselves a bit of backstory. There's plenty of nods for long-time fans of the game too, with adverts for Panman Pans and file names referencing the Vikendi loot cave (thanks, Ian!).

As Apex Legends characters kill each other on and off-screen and Fortnite lets its players sneak a peek behind its simulation's curtain, it's only right PUBG gets into the lore action too.


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