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PS5 shipments are up by 400% in the US, just in time for God of War Ragnarök

Fingers crossed for more stock in other regions too.

Shipments of PS5 consoles to the US in September had a 400 percent increase year-over-year, according to a financial analyst.

David Gibson, senior analyst at MST Financial, shared a graph on Twitter showing the imports to the US per month from June 2021 onwards, with a huge spike during last month.

Gibson added he believes some of the stock will go towards the launch of God of War Ragnarök, which makes a lot of sense. Ragnarök is the next first-party title for PlayStation, and Sony will be undoubtedly eager to capitalise on its release to bolster sales of the PS5.

There's also the holiday season coming up which is likely to see an increase in demand. The PS5 has constantly been unable to meet demand, despite selling well at launch, but with these new figures it seems the supply chain issues which have hampered production of the console are starting to peter out.

This also corroborates a report from last week claiming Sony aimed to produce 2 million units of its upcoming PlayStation VR2 headset by March. Sources at Sony said a "relief of the supply chain bottlenecks" that have caused stock shortages of the PS5 is expected early next year, which will allow Sony to increase the inventory of PS5s and VR2 headsets .

The figures shared by Gibson relate to the US only, but hopefully the same is true for other regions. As always, you can use our page on PS5 stock to keep an eye on the next drop.