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PS3 Home beta begins

Internal testing for now.

Sony has confirmed to Eurogamer this morning that internal testing for PS3 Home has begun.

An official date for the open beta is yet to be announced, but we expect it to get under way in summer. Keep an eye on the official Home website to get involved.

PlayStation Home is a customisable network community for PS3. It lets you create an avatar that can walk around a digital space and interact with other players. You'll also be given a personal "Home" to furnish with achievements earned from games, as well as the ability to display photos and play media uploaded from your hard drive.

In other words it's a bit like a cross between Microsoft's Gamerscore system and Nintendo's Mii Parades, while comparisons have also been drawn with Second Life.

Home was first shown at the Game Developer Conferences in March. It's expected to be released around October and will be roughly 500MB.

Head over to Eurogamer TV to get a look at PlayStation Home in action.