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Project Cars shooting for 1080p 60fps on both Xbox One and PS4

While the Wii U version might not quite hit those specs.

The developer of racing game Project Cars is targeting a 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second output for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

While earlier builds of the racing game were running well below 60fps, the build shown at EGX last week hits the target on both consoles - although there's still a little work to do to get the Xbox One version's resolution running in parity with the PS4 version's.

"On Xbox One it's not quite 1080p at the moment," Slightly Mad Studios' Andy Tudor told Eurogamer at EGX 2014. "But it's not representative of the final quality. We're still aiming to get there.

"Towards the end of the game you're always optimising, and during development it's a rollercoaster. Sometimes you look at the game and think oh god, that's not working, that's not working. But other days you hit 60fps, and it's awesome."

"For a racing game, 60fps is hugely important," Tudor continued. "What people don't know is that the physics underneath runs at 600 times a second. We measure the input you're doing on the controller 250 times per second. Project Cars does that way more than any other game - they're all doing that significantly lower. The screen refreshes 60 times per second - we're measuring the tires, the physics, the suspension, all that stuff, 600 times."

Project Cars is due out in the UK on 21st November 2014. That's for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

There's another console version of Project Cars, of course, with the Wii U port due out next year. It won't hit the performance highs of the Xbox One and PS4 versions, though Tudor is happy with the progress Slightly Mad is making.

"There are significant hurdles that we've had to get over, and that's kind of expected," he said. "But the fact we can have weather, time of day, a significant number of cars on screen, it's actually really promising."

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