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PowerWash Simulator's new roadmap promises free and paid DLC across 2023

First big free update out next week.

Having spent the first half of this year whisking players off to Croft Manor and Midgar, PowerWash Simulator is set to embark on a whole new set of adventures, with developer FuturLab having now unveiled its content roadmap for the remainder of 2023.

FuturLab has divided its new roadmap up into convenient quarters, each offering a mix of both free and paid DLC. The free stuff will reveal more of Muckingham, the not-entirely sensible setting of PowerWash Simulator's base game, while the paid Special Packs will take players outside of the Muckingham universe - presumably in a similar fashion to those aforementioned Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy 7 crossovers.

No more details have been shared on the paid stuff as yet, but FutureLab has confirmed PowerWash Simulator's first free update - The Muckingham Files (AKA Update 1.2) – will arrive next Tuesday, 18th April, transporting players to never-before-seen corners of Muckingham.

PowerWash Simulator's last big update took players to Final Fantasy 7's Midgar.Watch on YouTube

Two new jobs are set in the Mauka Aitu Desert, which memorably closes out the base game's daffy narrative, with FuturLab confirming trips to a Solar Water Plant and a huge Satellite Dish, both ready for a good old blasting. The final new job comes in the form of Muckingham's lush green recreation ground, home to the likes of grubby food trucks.

In addition to these new jobs, FuturLab has made some improvements to the base game's existing bonus jobs, which all receive new story content supplementing the core narrative. "Replay them for more tales and tit-bits from your favourite filthy town," the studio suggests.

PowerWash Simulator's newly revealed 2023 content roadmap.

Ahead of all that, the previously digital-only PowerWash Simulator is getting a physical release for PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Switch on 13th April. It is, however, worth noting that FuturLab's accompanying box art says Switch's physical release doesn't include a cartridge, so I guess consider it a physical release in the same way a hat is a person.

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