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Pokémon Let's Go Route 12 upper and Route 12 lower - available Pokémon, items and trainers

Our complete Pokémon Let's Go walkthrough and guide to your big adventure with Pikachu or Eevee.

Route 12 is one of several routes you can access after getting the Poké Flute from Mr. Fuji at Pokémon Tower, with the northern part of the route accessible as early as your first visit to Lavender Town, too.

Below, we'll cover any and all of the obtainable Pokémon, item locations, trainers and their squads that you might encounter in the area, as well as walking you through any key steps of the story along the way.

We've also opted to break out walkthrough pages down into sections, referring to each of your visits to a given location, seeing as you often backtrack or revisit various places in your quest to become Champion! Where applicable, we'll split our page into one section for each visit, and of course if there are any, clearly mark any spoilers, too!

For more like this, be it specific systems explainers or walkthrough pages on more locations, head back to our main Pokémon Let's Go walkthrough and guide hub.

On this page:

Pokémon Let's Go: Route 12 upper - available Pokémon, items and trainers

Route 12, as well as Routes 13, 14 and 15 that it leads to, are optional - you can use either these routes or Route 16, Route 17 and Route 18 to get to Fuchsia City - but we still recommend tackling both ways, as there are some unique Pokémon that can only be caught on these routes, and plenty of trainers to battle and items to collect.

The top part of Route 12 can be accessed as soon as you reach Lavender Town, but there's just a handful of trainers to tackle and items to find for now. The lower section of this page deals with everything you can find after you gain the ability to wake up Snorlax. If you can't do that yet, your next stop after Lavender Town and your first visit to the Pokemon Tower is Route 8!

Available Items

TM50 RoostFrom the girl on the top floor of the northern gate
3x Poké BallsFisherman Ned
3x Poké BallsFisherman Chip
LureOn the left hand side near the top, past Fisherman Chip
3x Poké BallsFisherman Hank
RepelOn the right, by Fisherman Hank
3x Poké BallsFisherman Elliot
5x UItra BallsAce Trainer Zach
3x Ultra BallsBy Ace Trainer Zach

Trainers and Battles

Trainer NamePokémonLevel
Fisherman NedStaryu27
Fisherman ChipPoliwhirl27
Fisherman HankMagikarp
Fisherman ElliotGyarados
Ace Trainer ZachTangela
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Pokémon Let's Go: Route 12 lower - available Pokémon, items and trainers

The lower part of Route 12 is where you'll find it's only patch of grass, as well as some higher level trainers and more items to pick up, too. It's full of Fishermen and is a renowned fishing spot, so Electric- or Grass-Type Pokémon will help you clear out the trainers easily.

There's also the not-so-small matter of that sleeping Snorlax, too. To clear it, interact with it and you'll get the option to use the Poké Flute that you now have, after your return to Lavender Town and Pokémon Tower, to wake it up.

Unlike other wild Pokémon however, this Snorlax will attack you first! You'll need to defeat it in battle - by knocking it out as you would a trainer's Pokémon - to then enter the usual catch phase like other wild Pokémon around the world. If this is the first time you've encountered Snorlax like this then Mr. Fuji will come and explain the mechanics to you, too.

Available Pokémon

SnorlaxAfter waking it up with the Poké Flute and defeating in battle.
Oddish (LGP)Grass
Gloom (LGP)Grass
Bellsprout (LGE)Grass
Weepinbell (LGE)Grass
ChanseyCatch Combo
TentacoolSurfing on water
TentacruelSurfing on water
HorseaSurfing on water
SeadraSurfing on water
MagikarpSurfing on water

Available Items

3x Poké BallsFisherman Andrew
TM32 Dazzling GleamFrom the forgetful man in the house towards the bottom of the route, if you tell him he's Mr Dazzling.
3x Poké BallsRocker Luca
Water StoneBy Rocker Luca, in the little area on the left behind a choppable tree
2x Great BallsCamper Justin
AwakeningBy Campter Justin
TM59 Dream EaterCoach Trainer Priya
Max LureLong grass behind the tree towards the bottom of the route
TM24 X-ScissorOn the small grassy island to the right, requires Secret Technique Sea Skim!

Trainers and Battles

Trainer NamePokémonLevel
Wild SnorlaxSnorlax34
Fisherman AndrewTentacool
Rocker LucaElectabuzz36
Camper JustinNidoran (M)
Coach Trainer PriyaButterfree

That's everything here on Route 12, so continue on to Route 13 for the next steps in your quest, or cycle back to our main Pokémon Let's Go walkthrough and guide hub for all the other pages we have like this.