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Modders already adding cut Pokémon into Sword and Shield

The internet asked Furret.

Pokémon fans weren't happy to discover the latest entries to the series wouldn't contain every Pokémon ever made, and now a modder has taken it upon himself to start putting the cut creatures back in.

Michael (@SciresM) on Twitter recently posted a thread showing an Omastar he's managed to import into the game, the model for which was essentially copy pasted from Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee.

In the video above, Michael has edited a Yamper using save editor, PKHeX, to add Omastar's model - the latter hasn't replaced the former however, Omastar has been inserted into the game's model table with its unique species ID.

The modder claims it took about an hour to get to the point the Omastar is at in the tweets, though it still needs a lot more work to get the Pokémon's animations working properly, as the Let's Go models don't have animations for some of Sword and Shield's new features (like Dynamaxing).

"Point of this was mostly just to demonstrate that adding new models/animations is possible to justify further work towards natdex," he says in a follow up tweet.

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It's worth noting this method might not be so easy for a lot of the other Pokémon in the National Pokédex, however - any Pokémon that don't have a 3D model for Switch already would likely need new ones made, and it's unknown right now if models from the older 3DS titles could be imported as easily.

Pokémon Sword and Shield is out now for Nintendo Switch, and Chris Tapsell touches on the #Dexit controversy in our review:

"In essence, despite the clamour and the rage, the lack of a National Pokédex is not the problem. The real problem with Pokémon Sword and Shield lies much deeper, or rather where that depth ought to be."

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