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Watch out, the Pokémon Sword and Shield leaks are everywhere


With just over a week left until Pokémon Sword and Shield's release, all sorts of juicy Pokémon information is now leaking like a Sobble across the internet.

We won't discuss the latest - and very extensive - leaks in detail, but if you do want to see them for some reason the information is easy enough to find - such as in this ResetEra thread which details everything found so far. (It's worth noting there are no immediate spoilers when you click on that link, and each leak is separated into sections - so if you want to see the new Galarian forms but not the full list of Gen 8 Pokémon, you're safe.)

And if you don't want to see anything, it's worth clicking away now and shutting off your internet for another week.

Interestingly, this latest information only serves as further confirmation of the notable Pokémon Sword and Shield leak from earlier this year. The 'Affleck Leak' (named for the image of Ben Affleck posted alongside it) actually dates back to May, where an anonymous 4chan user posted a bunch of information that, at first, seemed a little Farfetch'd.

However, with each new trailer it's become apparent the Affleck leak was indeed accurate - the reveal of Team Yell, for example - and now the latest leaks are corroborating it further.

Cover image for YouTube videoPokemon Sword and Shield Gameplay Trailer - A New Team and New Rivals

Below is a screenshot of the original 4chan post - which includes details which have now been confirmed as well as some information yet to be officially announced, so scroll down at your own risk (there's only text here though, no leaked images of new Pokémon, promise).

We're not providing a link to this post as it initially tried to redirect us to the darknet. The Pokémon leaks go deep, apparently.

Pokémon Sword and Shield releases for Nintendo Switch on the 15th November, but these are the only leeks I personally want to see until then.