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PlayStation 5 can now play Skyrim at 60fps thanks to new mod

And with Trophies enabled too.

Skyrim fans with access to a PlayStation 5 can now join their Xbox Series X/S brethren and give Bethesda's ageing fantasy RPG a bit of a graphical boost up to 60fps courtesy of a newly released mod - and it'll work with Trophies enabled too.

The Skyrim mod in question can be seen in all its 60fps glory in a new video posted to YouTube by mod author Wrighton - and if you like what you see, all you need do to activate 60fps on PlayStation 5 is download and enable the mod via Skyrim's in-game mod menu, then either boot up an existing save or start a new game.

It's worth noting that the mod is available on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro too, although performance improvements will obviously vary by machine.

Skyrim, 60fps, PS5!Watch on YouTube

What makes the mod extra special, though, is that it can be run without disabling Trophies. Simply download and enable the mod as above, start a new game or save, then quit back out to the main menu. From there, it's merely a matter of disabling or deleting the mod via the appropriate menu, after which you'll find any game you start still runs at 60fps.

Do remember that Trophies will remain unavailable if other mods are running, and that you'll need to repeat the process to enable 60fps each time you boot up Skyrim again.

Xbox One X/S owners hoping to perform similar magic on their own consoles should check out Digital Foundry's recent run-down of the options available on Microsoft's machines.

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