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PES 2012 3D has "full" online support

Konami details 3DS football game.

The Nintendo 3DS version of PES 2012 includes online play, Konami has announced.

PES 2012 3D has full online functionality, allowing gamers to play each other online, the Japanese company said.

You can play one versus one matches using the wireless and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection settings. Using the StreetPass system, you can exchange Master League team data with other 3DS owners, then take on a computer opponent using the team of other players.

A new, "intelligent" camera view pans and "swoops" to cover the action and "show off the 3D powers of the Nintendo system".

Passing, shooting and tackling is governed either by the Circle Pad and buttons, or a new Touch Screen control system, which utilises the Nintendo 3DS stylus for player movement.

As expected, the UEFA Champions League license, which appears in the home console version, is included, as is the Copa Libertadores. The Master League, the Become a Legend, League and Cup competitions, Free Training and Edit Mode are all included.

PES 2012 3D will be released soon, Konami said.