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PES 2009 to get transfer update

Free patch covers Jan signings.

Konami plans to offer a free team-sheet update for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 at the end of February.

This tracks all the shuffling of the January transfer window. So Arshavin will now be at Arsenal, Tottenham will have most of their old players back, Emile Heskey will lumber around for Villa and Liverpool will carry on being unconvincing. It's quite fun when Tom's not here.

The update also tweaks thousands of player statistics to represent their performance over the first half of the season. Apparently there will be around 200 extra players added, too.

EA cut the price of FIFA 09 Live Seasons to cover the same busy January transfer window, incidentally.

And the latter feature was just one of the many that helped FIFA finally edge ahead of long-term football champion Pro Evolution Soccer last year.

Head over to our respective Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 and FIFA 09 reviews for a full post-match analysis.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

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