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Microsoft confirms revised 360 d-pad

"For a limited time". Now with date.

Microsoft has confirmed our earlier report that it plans to release a new Xbox 360 controller with an improved d-pad on 24th October.

We found the pad and photographed it on Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer stand, and Microsoft confirms the pad is "optimised" for the football series.

"The new limited-edition green wireless controller offers enhancements to d-Pad functionality, which will add to the experience of playing games where the d-Pad is the primary control mechanism," Microsoft told Eurogamer.

"We're always looking to improve products and we made these changes based on feedback from gamers."

However, the new pad is "a limited edition promotional item that is only available in Europe, Asia and Latin America while supplies last", which is likely to upset fans who feel the d-pad needs full-time replacement rather than a one-off patch for PES.

Speaking to Eurogamer at Games Convention, one third-party publisher told us that the pad was also designed to work with Street Fighter IV, so perhaps it will turn up again next year.