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Microsoft revising Xbox 360 d-pad?

For PES and SF IV, apparently.

Microsoft is set to release a new Xbox 360 controller with an upgraded d-pad, a third-party publisher has told Eurogamer at Games Convention.

The controller, which looks exactly the same as the old one, will be able to register 32 directions through the directional pad, we were told.

Our men on the ground sent back these photographs, which don't exactly shed much light, and report that the d-pad "feels looser".

Apparently the controller is in use on Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 stand at Games Convention and will also be supported by Street Fighter IV.

That should help the Capcom beat-'em-up overcome concerns that the d-pad will be insufficient to put up with its thumb-crushing combos.

We've contacted Microsoft for comment. (Update: Microsoft has confirmed that the pad exists and says it is a limited-edition promotional item designed to work with PES 2009.)