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BioShock, PES demos head PSN update

Plus: GEON, FIFA 09 Live Season packs.

BioShock and Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 demos lead a meaty PSN update this week.

They're followed by PSN game GEON, which costs GBP 4.99 and received 6/10 on Xbox Live Arcade last September.

Those FIFA 09 Adidas Live Season subscription packs are also available, either at GBP 4.99 for one league, or GBP 12.99 for all seven. The idea is that EA watches real matches to determine player performance and then allows you to download updates that replicate this in FIFA 09's exhibition matches, ranked online and Interactive League games. Don't get in a huff about the cost though - you get one free sub with the game.

Other additional content comes in the form of soundtracks for PixelJunk Eden and PixelJunk Monsters (GBP 1.49 each), plus loads of Rock Band songs.

These are Megadeth tracks "Wake Up Dead", The Conjuring", "Devil's Island", "Good Mourning/Black Friday", Bad Omen", "I Ain't Superstitious" and "My Last Words". These cost GBP 0.99 each, or GBP 4.99 as a pack.

Other songs for GBP 0.59 each include "One of THOSE Nights" by The Cab, "Hands Down" by Dashboard Confessional, She's a Handsome Woman" by Panic at the Disco, and "Natural Disaster" by Plain White T's.

Then for GBP 0.99 come "Sorrow" by Bad Religion, "She Sells Sanctuary" by The Cult, "Bandages" by Hot Hot Heat, "Shoot the Runner" by Kasabian, "You're No Rock N' Roll Fun" by Sleater-Kinney, and "Love Spreads" by The Stone Roses.

There's also a GBP 4.99 Moving Pictures pack bundling Rush songs added last week: "Tom Sawyer", "Red Barchetta", "YYZ", "Limelight", "The Camera Eye", "Witch Hunt" and "Vital Signs".

Elsewhere are some themes and wallpapers for Fallout 3 and Prince of Persia, plus a spattering of trailers.