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Performance drugs for pro gamers

It has come to this.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

German outfit Tomarni has developed a new drug designed to make you better at gaming.

FpsBrain was created with help from Free University Berlin. The capsules are said to accelerate neural processes, heighten perception and improve reactions.

For EUR 19.90 you get 60 capsules. And a quick glance at the ingredients (the recipe has been approved by German law) reveals it contains amino acids, vitamins and other harmless-sounding things. Could be naughty. We're no chemist.

Essentially FpsBrain is a coffee, guarana or Berocca replacement you can pop in your daily routine to wake up a bit and pay more attention.

Tomarni staff take it four times a week so it must be safe, and they used to make computers for professional gamers. Explains choosing gamers over an office, health or university audience.

"The alertness and mental clarity I get from FpsBrain helps me to maximize my gaming performance with every move!" declared user Craig W. from Toronto.

And, if you don't like it, you can always claim your 110 per cent money back guarantee.

Shuffle nervously to the FpsBrain website to find out more.

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