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Pay what you want for Dead Space 3

UPDATE: Humble Origin Bundle adds Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising and Populous.

UPDATE: The Humble Origin Bundle has added Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising and Populous.

Those who've already purchased the bundle will have access to these, while newcomers must pay over the average (currently a mere $4.82) to receive them.

Original Story: The recently launched Humble Origin Bundle allows you to pay what you want for Dead Space 3, the original Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, Crysis 2: Maximum Edition, Medal of Honor, and my personal favourite, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box.

Dead Space 3. Didn't this just come out, like, six months ago?

Pay more than the average - currently a measly $4.64 (about £3) - for Battlefield 3 and the Sims 3, along with its two expansions in the Starter Pack.

It's worth noting that Dead Space 3, Battlefield 3, and the Sims 3 are only available on Origin (this is the Origin Bundle, after all), but the rest all come with Steam keys as well.

Most of these games are PC only, except for The Sims 3, which is also available on Mac.

Unusually, EA/Origin is donating all of its Humble Bundle proceeds to charity, rather than letting buyers choose how much goes where. They can still decide how to split up the revenue between a tip for the Humble Bundle organisers and the five charities in question, i.e. the Human Rights Campaign, Watsi, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, the American Red Cross, and the American Cancer Society.

Purchasing all of these games new would come in at somewhere in the neighborhood of $215, making a few quid an astronomical savings for those interested in, well, any of these games.

The Humble Origin Bundle will continue for 14 more days until Wednesday, 28th August.

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