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Pangya: Fantasy Golf coming to PSP

MMO cult goes offline and outside.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Tomy has announced that it's to release Pangya: Fantasy Golf for the PSP, a conversion of the hit massively multiplayer PC golf game.

Just like the MMO, PSP Pangya will have an extravagant cartoon style and an emphasis on character and equipment customisation - although this time you'll pay for it with virtual cash in an in-game shop, rather than with real money on the internet. There are nine fairways to explore.

Although it has a Story mode (as well as Free Round, Licence, and Tournament modes), it's not an entirely offline experience either, with support for 8-player networked individual and team tournaments.

The game is being developed by the makers of the original Pangya, Ntreev Soft. It's not the first time they've strayed off the PC: we've also had Pangya! Golf With Style on the Wii, although Eurogamer's resident Pangyaholic Keza rated that a lowly 6/10 to the original game's 8/10.

Pangya: Fantasy Golf will be released this summer.

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