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Over a million sign up for Free Realms

Sony rewards players with in-game t-shirts.

Sony Online Entertainment has announced more than a million people have signed up to play Free Realms.

It's an impressive figure when you consider the MMO only launched on 28 April. It probably helps that it's free to play and is designed to be "family-friendly".

To mark the milestone, all Free Realms players are getting a limited edition in-game t-shirt. A lucky 999,999 of them will also get a t-shirt for their pets and 200 Station Cash to buy in-game items. The millionth player will win a lifetime membership, an exclusive in-game astronaut suit and 10,000 Station Cash.

Free Realms lets you customise characters, complete quests, battle monsters and punch rats. There are loads of mini-games plus a trading card game that's also playable in the real world. Look out for a full review on Eurogamer soon.