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OnRush losing online features in November

Hard stop.

Racing game OnRush will lose its online features on 30th November.

EA's Online Services Shutdown page has been updated with the addition.

"Thanks to everyone who has supported our game - it's been a RUSH," it reads. "With player numbers in online modes dropping to low levels, we will be shutting down the servers from 30th November 2022. For OnRush fans who want to continue playing, offline modes will continue to be available."

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OnRush was a chaotic spin on arcade racing, which Martin awarded a Recommended in his review in 2018.

However, it's clear that player numbers were far lower than expected.

As we reported after the game's launch, OnRush sold just over 1000 physical copies during its launch week in the UK.

The developer was then hit with layoffs, including OnRush and Driveclub director Paul "Rushy" Rustchynsky and other senior members of the team.

Although the game will still be playable offline, shutting down online features is surely the chequered flag for OnRush now.

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