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One of the first players to complete Destiny 2's Vault of Glass raid is banned after revealing their offensive username

Bad juju.

Bungie has banned one of the first players to complete the refreshed Vault of Glass raid after their username appeared on the World's First Raid Report page.

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While Clan Elysium was the world's first to complete the new raid in 1hr 43m and 55s, the second team included on the World's First page - which finished the raid in 2hr 24m and 16s - has just five names listed.

That's because the sixth person, using the gamertag #BlackLivesDontMatter, has subsequently been banned and removed from the list.

After having the name reported to him, senior community manager Dylan Gafner said "this breaks our Code of Conduct" and confirmed "the player in question will be banned" (thanks, PC Gamer).

However, the player later doubled-down on the insult and changed their Steam profile name again, this time to "Stop crying, they don't".

ICYMI, Destiny 2's first official taste of crossplay arrives next week, following its recent accidental switch-on then switch-off-again. From 25th to 27th May, Bungie will deploy a unique Vanguard Strikes crossplay beta playlist to test what works and find out what doesn't.

Anyone on PlayStation, Steam, Xbox and even Stadia can take part. Play three Strikes in the playlist and you'll get a special emblem for your trouble, although you won't be able to add friends or form fireteams for this activity just yet.