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Novadrome on Live Arcade

From Carmageddon people.

Normally what I like to do on Wednesday mornings is load up Xbox Live Arcade and mess about with the new game under the pretext of doing this news item. Unfortunately, I've just moved house and have no wired Internet, so all I can do is repeat what's been said to me about it. So. Novadrome, today's Xbox Live Arcade release, is a game about guiding a man called Novad around an imperial, 2000 year-old central European civilisation and trying to discover the origin of hats.

Alternatively, it's an arena-based 3D vehicular combat game from the kings of 3D vehicular combat games Stainless Software, whose name you may remember from the original Daily Mail baiting PC game Carmageddon. Billed as that title's spiritual successor (by the press, anyway), Novadrome gives you 15 arenas to race around more than 20 off-road-buggy style combat vehicles, beating the living headlights out of anybody who gets in your way.

There's an eight-player mode that works over Xbox Live, it says here, along with all the requisite achievements (12, for 200 gamerpoints), and a demo version to try out, with the whole bundle costing you just 800 Microsoft points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 10.30). If it's gone 9am GMT, which it hasn't at the time of clacking, then you should be able to find it under new-releases on the Live Arcade page of the Xbox 360 dashboard. Otherwise, I dunno, slag me off for half an hour or something.

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