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Nintendo opens pre-orders for Pikmin vases

Ok bloomer.

Image credit: Nintendo

With just over a week left until Pikmin 4 releases, Nintendo has been ramping up its merchandising efforts for the series.

The latest line of Pikmin merch on the UK and Ireland website for My Nintendo Store comes in the form of bud vases, a vase for a single flower, in the shape of Pikmin.

It's an adorable idea, as you can put a leaf, bud, or open flower in to make the Pikmin look how they do in-game. You can even branch out and put different varieties of flowers in, taking some inspiration from the mobile Pokémon Go-like game Pikmin Bloom.

New to Pikmin? Here's an introduction to your plant pals.Watch on YouTube

Whilst the details are cute - the pointy nose for red Pikmin, the tiny mouths for blue Pikmin - I'm slightly more concerned with what's happening at the base of the vase. I can't be the only one who finds those feet a bit cursed, surely?

Pre-orders for the vases are now live, with a limit of one per customer. Nintendo is currently selling red, yellow, and blue Pikmin vases only. A single vase will cost you £17.99, or you can buy the collection for £53.99 (no set discount, in fact it'll cost you two pence more!). They're also a My Nintendo Store exclusive, as is the Pikmin logo T-shirt Shigeru Miyamoto was proudly rocking when he confirmed Pikmin 4 will release this year.

Tom felt Pikmin 4 was a return to form when he went hands-on for his preview, and you can try the game for yourself with the demo that's out now.

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