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Blooming heck, Pikmin Finder lets you hunt creatures in your house

Mother plucker.

Here is a Yellow Pikmin perched on my bookshelf
Image credit: Nintendo/Eurogamer

Nintendo has launched Pikmin Finder, a charming but simple mobile browser-based AR game.

Its concept is as you would expect, given the name of the game. You can move around your home, or surrounding area, and find Nintendo's unassuming but rather lovely plant-animal hybrid creatures hiding away.

Once found and plucked with a simple swipe up of the finger, these flower-topped friendlies then proceed to find treasure you never knew you had hidden in your house. It is all rather delightful.

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I had a quick shot at Pikmin Finder, and managed to unearth all sorts of Pikmin. They were tucked away in my bookshelves, hiding on my laptop, and nestled behind my radiator. I even found one sprouting from my husband's headset while he was wearing it.

As for treasure, once I had plucked the various Red, Yellow, Winged and Ice Pikmin from their hiding places, they all promptly marched off to search for hidden booty.

Alas, they did not return with a gold hoard worthy of Smaug, but they did present me with a 'Sphere of Fuzzy Feelings', a 'Cushion Cake' and a 'Stately Rubber Cutie' (or, a tennis ball, a waffle, and a bath duck). There are more treasures waiting to be found, but I thought I should probably get around to writing this article. I will, however, return to my search later on.

Pikmin Finder needs to be played via a mobile device with a camera, so either your phone or a tablet. You can give it a go for yourself by following this link here.

I found treasure!
I like big books and I can not lie
Image credit: Nintendo/Eurogamer

As for the wider world of Pikmin, the most recent mainline release was a hit at Eurogamer, with our Tom awarding it with the site's first ever five-star review score.

In his Pikmin 4 review, Tom discussed the game's clear focus on bringing fresh players into the franchise's often overlooked blend of cute visuals but stimulating strategy.

"It may start slow, but when it all comes together, it really does sing," he wrote. "Is this Pikmin's true breakthrough moment? Who knows. But without a doubt it's one of Nintendo's best games in years."

The Captain sprouted a Pikmin
What have we here?
Since writing the article, I went back to find some more Pikmin, and look what we have here hiding in The Captain's floof! | Image credit: Nintendo/Eurogamer

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