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Nintendo Direct set for tomorrow, 21st June

Including new details on Pikmin 4.

Nintendo has announced its next Direct showcase, which will be livestreamed tomorrow (21st June) at 3pm UK time.

The Direct promises 40 minutes "focused mainly on Nintendo Switch titles launching this year, including new details on Pikmin 4".

Watch on the Nintendo Direct website or YouTube channel.

Pikmin 4's showing at the last Nintendo DirectWatch on YouTube

So what can we expect? After all, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been released and, besides Pikmin 4, the Switch slate is looking pretty sparse for the rest of 2023.

But isn't that what makes this Direct exciting? Perhaps we could even get some Zelda DLC?

For Pikmin 4, we'll hopefully see more of its character creator, its multiplayer options, and its fidget spinner.

We'll likely get a look at Everybody 1-2-Switch, the follow up to the Switch launch game, and its horse host MC Horace.

What else? Could we see a new Mario game to follow up the success of the film? I for one would love a new colourful Mario world to jump through, but narrated by that existential Luma.

Could we also get some more retro games added to Switch Online? Super Mario RPG I'm looking at you.

Or (I'm praying) Metroid Prime 4?

What are you hoping to see?

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