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Everybody 1-2-Switch will be hosted by a horse named MC Horace

The mane man.

A sequel to Switch launch title 1-2-Switch was announced earlier this month and you may have noticed its host: a man with a cartoon horse head.

We now know that's MC Horace.

Box art for Everybody 1-2-Switch has leaked online, revealing the bizarre character's name.

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"Hay - I'll take the reins and be your host!" reads a quote on the back of the box. Slow clap.

The box leak reveals other details too.

The party game will be playable with up to eight players using Joy-Con, or up to 100 players using smartphones.

Screenshots of the minigames include dancing aliens, battling samurai, counting scoops of ice cream, and a simple quiz about the months of the year.

1-2-Switch was designed to show off the capabilities of the Joy-Con - its motion controls and HD rumble features. Eurogamer dubbed that a "A characteristically imaginative minigame suite that lays out the possibilities of Nintendo's new console, without feeling like a guidebook." Everybody 1-2-Switch arrives years later and its defining feature is... a host in a horse mask.

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