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Nintendo shows Mii characters in Nintendo Switch Sports

Mama mii-a!

Nintendo has shown its fan-favourite Mii characters back in Nintendo Switch Sports.

When the game was announced back in February, many fans were perturbed by the new-look in-game characters, compared to the Miis used in Wii Sports.

But Miis will be playable, on top of a load of customisation options for the new characters to tweak their face, hair, and outfits.

The trailer shows off plenty of new gameplay of the six included games: newcomers volleyball, badminton, and soccer, plus the returning chambara, tennis, and bowling.

The latter has an interesting battle royale-style mode named Survival Bowling, with 16 players bowling at once to determine the winner. There will also be special lanes filled with obstacles to overcome.

All six sports can be played online or in local multiplayer with split screen. Online play will see players rack up points to join the prestigious Pro League, gradually increasing their ranking from E to A.

The trailer also shows more gameplay of soccer, which can be played either with joy-con in hand or strapped to your leg with the leg strap accessory that comes with the physical version of the game.

Leg play will be added in a patch later in the summer. It will be followed by a second patch in the autumn that adds golf.

As for soccer itself, it can be played one-on-one or in two teams of four - it's like Rocket League but with people rather than cars.

Nintendo Switch Sports releases on 29th April; it's available to pre-order digitally now on the Nintendo eShop.

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