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Next EverQuest game teased

Codenamed EverQuest Next.

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Sony has teased the third edition in long-running massively multiplayer online role-playing franchise EverQuest.

It's tentatively titled EverQuest Next, and will have fewer classes and be "more like" EverQuest 1.

The "reboot", as it's been called, will be scaleable, too – playable on anything from a laptop to a powerful PC.

In a panel called "The Future of EverQuest" at the Sony Online Entertainment Fan Faire 2010 event in Las Vegas, SOE president John Smedley called for feedback on the game.

"We want to make something that still keeps the flavour of the original and the lore and the core tenets of it, but we want to make something that is truly next generation. That means with the graphics.

"We want EverQuest players and EverQuest 2 players to feel like they're at home, but a new home, one that's really awesome."

The art style has been changed so that it's "distinctive" – the San Diego-based development team has looked back to the original EQ and its "flavour" and "charm" for some inspiration.

It's also more "colourful". The team has used its experience on fellow SOE MMO Free Realms to add colour balancing to create a "fantastical quality".

EverQuest Next's first "in-game art" is below.

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