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KOEI backs PS3 with three

Just as it said pre-E3...

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There was a little spark of PlayStation 3-related excitement on Friday (you know, relatively speaking) when it emerged that KOEI, maestro of the Dynasty Warriors series, was planning two further PS3 games in addition to Ni-Oh, the title announced at Sony's pre-E3 press conference.

At least, there would have been a spark of excitement, were it not for the fact that we knew this already. As those of you who studied the game announcements closely on the day of the PS3 conference will remember, KOEI pledged two further games, Factor 5 discussed their support, and Sam Houser from Rockstar said some nice things too.

And, just in case we find ourselves in a similar position next week, it's worth remembering that Sony USA boss man Kaz Hirai said it would be fascinating to see how the likes of GTA, Metal Gear and Gran Turismo, franchises reborn on the PlayStation 2, evolved on the PS3, while Square Enix said Final Fantasy would be coming to PS3 and president Yoichi Wada said the company was not remaking Final Fantasy VII, despite showing a tech demo.

For a full list of first and major third party games that were confirmed, head here. You should be able to find shots of just about all of them in our games database.

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