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PSP microdrive support?

Clever geeks...

Well now this is naughty. Going further even than those cheeky chaps who helped us get SCUMMVM working on our PSPs, the NEO Flash bods have prototyped a bit of hardware that allows the Sony handheld to hook up to MicroDriver and CompactFlash storage – with a 6GB BYTE Hitachi CF MicroDriver apparently 100 per cent compatible according to the official site, which also has a picture.

Granted, it's very naughty, and very unwieldy at this point – right now it's a bit of circuit board with a CF slot plugged rather unconvincingly in through the PSP's Memory Stick Duo port like some sort of unconvincing low budget spy film door-hacking device – but the prospect of being able to use third party storage solutions with the PSP is quite exciting for various reasons. Not so much the cost of Memory Stick Duo, which seems to be tumbling anyway, but the much higher capacity cards. Six gigabytes of movies, music and stuff to run on your PSP? Gosh.

Mind you, Sony's not the only victim of the NEO Flash fellas. Take a look further down their page and you can see also sorts of other quirky hacks including a rather more polished effort for the Nintendo DS. They can probably pick locks with their zippers too.

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