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Penny Arcade buys huge NES collection to give away!

Go to their expo and win it.

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Ah, eBay. Not a day goes past that doesn't see an eBay link pop up in our inboxes or on instant messaging. Sometimes it's for an item that somebody thinks we'd like. Sometimes it's for an item that somebody wants us to buy. Sometimes it's our little sisters demanding we fork over access to our PayPal accounts so we can lose money on flea-bitten Take That memorabilia. You know.

But most often it's a link to a craaaaaazy auction. The other day: a piece of toast with Michael Jackson's face scorched into the surface. Not that long before: personal slaves [our boss's eBay account has since been suspended - Ed]. And now, this week, we've seen a lot of this little fellow. Some crazy somebody flogging 776 NES American games, various accessories, and, presumably, a system to play things on.

Not that this is particularly unusual. Huge collections go for huge sums on eBay all the time, and we often sit there gawping at the pictures in a mixture of delight and envy. This one isn't even that great - there are no pictures, for a start.

What makes this one interesting, however, is the buyer. It seems that Penny Arcade - preferred gaming web-comic of a fair few of our readers we expect - has bought the lot. Not content with that, they plan to give it away! And far more importantly plan to show us all what it looks like in due course.

Addressing readers on Wednesday, artist Gabe said: "Yeah we bought it and now we’re going to give it away." Seems that the winner of the "Omegathon II" gaming tournament at the forthcoming Penny Arcade Expo will stagger away with it - as well as "some stuff to it to make it even crazier". We do love those guys.

The Penny Arcade Expo runs from August 26th-28th at Bellevue, Washington. You can find all the details (presumably including whose leg you have to hump to get to touch the goodies) here. eBay users who missed out on the goodies can have our old NES pads and a knackered copy of Dizzy for a fiver o.n.o.

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