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Battlefront II content tomorrow

As long as you pay for it.

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That downloadable content for Xbox 1 title Star Wars Battlefront II we told you about before Christmas is due out tomorrow, says the Internet (well, says LucasArts via the medium of the Internet).

It'll cost $4.99 and some presumably horrendous equivalent in Her Majesty's Quids, and includes a new Jedi and a new Sith as playable heroes, as well as some maps from the original Battlefront - Yavin 4, Bespin and a pair of Rhen Var outings.

In addition to Conquest and CTF, there's also an Assault mode option for all four - and it's been added to some of the other BF2 maps too. Assault is a good-versus-evil free-for-all apparently, featuring all the Jedi and Sith you could want.

More info, videos and screenshots of all that can be had from the official Star Wars website. Ellie says she hasn't seen it yet but it's brilliant.

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