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Half-Life 2 on Xbox 360?

Possibly. One day.

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A pair of big American game retailers reckon Half-Life 2 is coming to Xbox 360 in the not utterly distant future - and Valve's not denying it.

EBGames and Gamestop (oh alright technically they're the same) both had the game listed as a single-player title due out in February 2007.

"We've only announced development for 360. No specific titles to reveal just yet, but folks can expect to hear more before the end of this year," Valve told IGN.

So, might happen, might not. What is for certain is that Valve's planning to do something on Xbox 360 - as it announced in April - and it's fair to say the company's synonymous with Gordon Freeman's escapades, for all its dabbling elsewhere.

"Whether developing a traditional FPS, RTS, RPG or delving into new genres, the Xbox 360 is a great platform for expanding Source and our game experiences," Valve's Gabe Newell said a month ago, helpfully narrowing down the list of things we can speculate about.

We're actually getting up close and personal with Valve quite soon, so we'll be sure to quiz them about what's happening with Half-Life 2 Xbox 360. For now, you can always play the Xbox one. Surely somebody ought to.

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