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Garry's Mod on Steam tomorrow

For ten dollars.

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The long awaited Steam release of Source Engine muckabout Garry's Mod is set for tomorrow, 29th November.

Garry's Mod, in case you're lost and think we've gone loony, allows you to create unique scenes, typically in the Half-Life 2 world, using objects and models from the game engine.

In the past it's been used as a tool for creating elaborate machinima, and lots of amusing Rube Goldberg machines, with plenty of examples on YouTube and elsewhere.

The version due to be sold on Steam tomorrow will be available for just US$ 9.95 if you already own a Source Engine-based game, like Half-Life 2, while a special bundle of Garry's Mod and Counter-Strike: Source for US$ 24.95 will cater to people who don't.

"The new version has been created from scratch so almost everything has been revised and re-invented," said mod author Garry Newman.

"It has a bunch of new tools to play with (winches, hydraulics and hoverballs), totally new spawn menu and a few new Post Processing effects to play with. The great thing about Steam is that I can update really regularly, really easily - which is something I plan on doing - so expect more tools/gamemodes/stuff to come."

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