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Polarium flips to GBA

Minus one screen, plus several improvements.

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Nintendo is making a Game Boy Advance version of DS puzzle game, Polarium, set for release in Japan on October 13th according to Famitsu.

Although one of the less popular games in the DS launch line-up, Nintendo has seen fit to give its older handheld a shot of the tile-flipping title that was good enough to gain seven marks out of ten when we had a look at it.

The GBA version will feature a total of 365 stages, triple what the DS version saw, and a removal of the original's Challenge Mode in favour of an enhanced Puzzle mode. Further to those, Stage Mode and Time Attack Mode will partner the Edit Mode seen in the Dual Screen iteration.

Improvements include the ability to set the colour of the in-game tiles, which also now feature extra special panels from the normal black and white ones used. These new tiles take three forms, Kotei (fixed) Panels, Hurdle Panels and Multi Panels. The latter are adaptable to both black and white tiles, disappearing when other panels in the same row match and Hurdle Panels act as obstacles. The Kotei versions, once erased, allow panels above them to fall through them.

Expect more information, along with any news of a European version, as we get it.

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