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Sony takes on PSP hackers

With firmware updates.

Bad news for PSP hackers - Sony knows what you're up to and is taking steps to stop it.

PSP titles Midnight Club 3, Dead To Rights: Reckoning and Coded Arms - all due to launch in the next few weeks over in the States - will only work if you've installed firmware update PSP v.1.5 (which will be included on the UMDs).

The trick is that the update prevents PSPs from running unlicensed software, such as the homebrew and emulator files available from sites like

And this is just the start, with plenty more firmware updates in the pipeline. But they're not just their for the nasty things in life - we're promised that add-ons such as a web browser, email and calculator are also on the way.

It seems inevitable that Sony will employ a similar security system for European PSPs, so be warned...

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