Midnight Club 3

Midnight Club 3

Midnight Club 3

Pimp my PSP.

The PSP is truly a thing of beauty. Just holding it in your hands with the power off is entertaining enough on its own. Turn the unit on and gawp at that screen and everyone in the vicinity is compelled to stare at it, lost in the moment. It's like the future has arrived in your hands and someone forgot to announce the fact. And then you play some of the games and suddenly you're snapped back to the reality of the situation: horrendous loading times, sluggish frame rates, ill-considered conversions. This wonderful machine deserves a better fate than this.

The recent U.S. release of Midnight Club 3 PSP is a textbook example of what publishers should avoid doing. Handheld gaming is a distinct subdivision of gaming that has evolved to cater for the way people play games when they're on the move. The most successful handheld games are the ones you can pull out and have a few minute session on and always feel sated. Gamers should be able to whip out their console and be in the action within 30 seconds tops: on, skip logo, start, load, in-game. Simple as that.


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Fans of Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition... probably don't read this website! In any event, there's a trailer of the new PlayStation Portable version available now on Eurofiles. It's 27MB.