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See Bomberman 360 in action

New trailer and screenshots.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Calling all Bomberman fans - the cutest, cuddliest terrorist in the world is back in an all-new adventure for the Xbox 360.

But judging by the new video that's appeared on the Bomberman Act: Zero website, he's not quite so cute and cuddly any more.

Yes, our Bomberman has gone all "dark", complete with scary robotic armour and weird glowy eyes. He's "an ultimate human being weapon", according to the trailer, which ends with the legendary tagline: "The earth of the despair that arrived at the end of a fight."

There are also some screenshots on the site, along with news that the game will have a first-person mode and you'll be able to battle it out via Xbox Live.

Bomberman Act: Zero is out in Japan on May 25th, so here's hoping for a European release later this year.

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