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Capcom clarifies Resi 5 situation

Wishful thinking from Xbox Japan boss?

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Capcom has moved to dampen speculation that Resident Evil 5 will appear exclusively on Xbox 360, fuelled by comments last week from Xbox Japan boss Takashi Sensui.

"Resident Evil 5 has been announced for Xbox 360 and PS3 and remains on course for release on both platforms," the game's producer Masachika Kawata said in a statement - and Capcom representatives added that they were under the impression he meant "at the same time" too.

This comes a few days after Sensui refused to deny the game could be rebranded an Xbox 360 exclusive while speaking to our sister site "All I can say is we are very good friends with [Keiji] Inafune," he said.

Resident Evil 5 was not shown during the Tokyo Game Show, despite having been announced at a Microsoft next-gen showcase over a year ago.

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