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SNK brings KoF Neowave to Xbox

Due out in March across the pond.

With Xbox 1 still totally in Microsoft's thoughts (right), it's absolutely not up to third parties to give us all our kicks this year. Except in this one alternate reality where it is, and the people there are quite pleased because SNK's just thrown its hat in with The King of Fighters Neowave, due out in March in the USA.

Neowave does three-on-three team fighting, with 12 three-man teams featuring all sorts from SNK's varied past. There's a Women Fighters Team (Mai, King and Yuri) and the Fatal Fury Team (Terry, Joe and Andy) among others, and Neowave also has full Xbox Live support including a "Tournament Mode".

There are three modes of play, which I won't even pretend to understand - Super Cancel, Guard Break, and Max2 - plus a new "Heat Mode" lets you power up attacks in exchange for a gradual loss of health. Take a look at how it's all panning out in the screenshots. We'll let you know when it's due out over here.

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The King of Fighters Neowave

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