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Official Xbox website updated

With all manner of 360 business.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft has revamped the official Xbox website to provide a comprehensive guide to Xbox 360 hardware, software titles and online services ahead of the console launch. now features the 360 logo and a full rundown of pricing details, along with a list of accessories that will be available from launch day. The Games section has trailers for key 360 titles such as Battlefield 2 and Project Gotham Racing 3, plus a Downloadable Content page that currently bears the message "Coming soon".

The Xbox Live section has details of the free Silver service and fee-payable Gold Membership package, plus a guide to the Marketplace - "Your one-stop shop on Xbox Live for downloadable content, trailers, casual arcade games, card/board games, demos and more for Xbox 360."

One thing missing from the new site is a list of current-generation Xbox games which are backwards compatible with the hard drive-equipped Xbox 360. Speaking to MTV news recently, Xbox VP Peter Moore said the list will appear on the site within the next week or two. Visitors will be able to request email updates informing them when new games are added.

The website overhaul marks the latest move by Microsoft to gear up for the 360's imminent release - it will hit North American stores on November 22, with releases in Europe and Japan to follow on December 2 and 10.

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