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Treasure on Xbox 360?

X marks the spot! (Aha, my coat.)

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Those busy folks at Treasure are already darlings of the hardcore shoot-'em-up fan, and now they're going to be darlings of the Xbox 360 fan too, according to a report on IGN.

Although it doesn't cite any specific sources, the report reckons that the developer that brought us Ikaruga (Dreamcast/Cube) and Wario World (Cube), brought about 200 people Radiant Silvergun (on Saturn – bringing eBay merchants a lot of top dollar in the process), and is about to bring us Gunstar Super Heroes (GBA), is producing an original shoot-'em-up for Microsoft's next generation console.

Goodness knows what it is, but IGN reckons it isn't going to be sequel, based on the word "original" (IGN is Sherlock Holmes and we claim our £5), and will probably not be a 2D title based on comments made during a TGS-period interview.

Whatever it is, we look forward to it. Treasure are, at the risk of over-using the expression, for the win. (Although hopefully we won't have to turn our house on its side to play this one properly.)

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