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Ultimate Spider-Man news

Trailer, screens, "web" site.

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The E3 trailer for Activision's new Spider-Man game is now available to view at the game's official website. You can also find a couple of screenshots here.

Ultimate Spider-Man, currently in development for all current-gen and handheld consoles, gives you the chance to play not only as Peter Parker's web-slinging alter ego but also as his latest arch villain - who, by the looks of things, is some kind of big bad mutant Spidey.

There are two distinct combat systems that come into play depending on which character you're controlling, so you'll find yourself defeating enemies using either Spider-Man's fluid acrobatics or the super-villain's ginormous Hulk-like fists.

The game is being designed by Treyarch using something called 3D Comic Inking Technology, TM, and is written and illustrated by comic book authors Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley. The result is a unique visual style and storyline that's a lot closer to the comics than the reasonably entertaining movies.

Expect free-roaming environments, challenging missions, varied gameplay and "the largest number of characters from the Spider-Man universe ever assembled in one game." Manners.

Ultimate Spider-Man is due out this summer.

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