Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Spider-Man

Doing some of what a spider can.

Spider-Man. Doing whatever a spider can!

Well, most of it. And a few things a spider can't, like upside-down mouth action with Kirsten Dunst and spewing from his wrists. W00t. But is 'whatever a spider can' all that we want from a Spider-Man game?

The last Spidey outing was a mixed bag. The console version was fun, but buggy [and with some patently ludicrous difficulty spikes inserted at random - Ed]. The PC users were rogered royally on the other hand, by a game that was a patronising kiddies' outing, and was no fun whatsoever, and yet the box art made no hint to the poor unsuspecting PC gamers of the awfulness within. Many were cross, and understandably so. Grrr.

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Ultimate Spider-Man news

Trailer, screens, "web" site.

The E3 trailer for Activision's new Spider-Man game is now available to view at the game's official website. You can also find a couple of screenshots here.