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Full Auto demo on 360 Live

Unbreak my caaaar.

The Xbox 360 Full Auto demo we were promised has finally shown up on Live Marketplace, weighing in at 646MB.

Whack it on your hard disk and you'll be able to race around one of the game's city tracks clobbering stuff with missiles, machineguns, grenades and your own fat car ass as you tussle with seven other AI-controlled racers.

Part of the game is to build up "wreck points" by smashing stuff up and destroying your fellow racers, and you can also make use of nitrous-style boost by doing power-slides and an "unwreck" time-rewind feature for undoing mishaps by smashing stuff.

The demo lets you pick one of two cars with MANLY NAMES like Vulcan. The full game will include lots more, including unlockable ones, as well as a variety of multiplayer modes in addition to a structured career mode with all sorts of objective-based killingness.

One thing that's a bit disappointing is the level of slowdown in the demo, which we hoped would have been sorted since our preview build, but then the demo's reportedly based on similarly old code, so there's still hope.

The game's finished now anyway and due out next month.